The Benefits of Vector Art and Where to Get the Best Stock Vectors

All graphics design projects require some form of vector art. This is due to the benefits offered by vector graphics over raster images. These vector files are small, scalable and they retain excellent quality at any size. That is why in this article, we will be taking a closer look at the benefits of vector art and how you can get stock vectors to buy.

What is Vector Art?

Vector art is artwork that is created using a vector-based computer program. It basically consists of lines, paths, curves, shapes and points. Programs like Freehand, Illustrator and Corel Draw are used to create vector art. These programs store the relationships between all the points and paths in vector files. Vectors can be moved, rotated and grouped with other vector objects. Another name for vector art is vector graphics, read more about it here!

Benefits of Using Vector Art

Vector images have several advantages over raster images. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Easy to resize. You can zoom in and zoom out on vector images without any loss of detail. This makes vectors an ideal choice when you need to create graphics that is scalable such as corporate logos.
  • Smaller file size. Minimal information (in form of geometrical properties) is stored to produce vector images, hence they take up less space and they are easier to transfer and store. The properties don’t increase the vector graphics file size even when the size of the graphic is increased. (link:
  • Quality is retained. Vector graphics retain their quality on all platforms at all sizes and resolutions.
  • Excellent for illustrations. Vectors are excellent for technical and industrial illustrations such as user’s manuals and technical documents.
  • Easier to edit. Vectors are easier to edit and the dimensions can be specified in device-independent units.

How to Get Vector Art

You can get free vector art online. But these are usually limited in quantity and most of these free graphics have to be used with permission or acknowledgment of their source. When you have a design project that requires a large number of different vector art in form of clipart or other types of vector graphics, you should consider buying vector stock.

Why You Should buy Stock Vectors

You will save several hours of work when you purchase your vector stock online. Also, you can enjoy the creativity offered by numerous professional designers who sell countless exceptional vector art designs through vector stock websites. Hence, you will not only save time, you will also make your work outstanding.

Remember that most professional graphic designers often put up their best works to increase their profits. And the stock vector websites ensure that the quality of vector art submitted is up to standard.

Furthermore, if you hire a designer to produce vector graphics for your projects, you would not be able to get the level of variety provided by these websites. These sites literally offer you millions of vector images.

What You Should Know Before Buying Stock Vectors

If you are searching for vector graphics for your design project, you may come across some strange terms as you sift through the huge number of vector files on various websites. You may come across terms like subscription and credit right in the middle of the buying process without a clue about what these terms actually mean.

Subscriptions plans permit you to download a large number of vector files within a month. You will however be given a daily download limit based on the type of plan you are subscribed to. These subscription plans are ideal if you or your organization needs to download a very large volume of vector stock frequently.

Credits represent a form of digital currency used by some sites that also provide royalty free vector images. To download images from these sites, you need to purchase credits that can be exchanged for the images you want. These sites also offer you discounts based on the number of credits you buy. For instance, you may purchase 20 credits for $20, while the price of 60 credits may go for $55. As you buy more credits, you are offered higher discounts. Credits usually expire; in most cases, they are only valid for a year. So they are only suitable for occasional buyers.

Most of the websites that sell royalty free vector stock images usually provide different options for you to make payments. So you can buy your credits or subscriptions using credit cards or Paypal. Some sites also allow you to use wire transfers and check payments.

Where to Buy Vector Art

Vector Guru

This is undoubtedly one of the best stock vector ressource online, check out The user-friendly site gives you access to all information about stock vectors. For those who are new to buying stock vectors, this is best place to start your search. In addition to providing stock vectors, Vector guru is also a massive knowledge base about vector art. You should sign up for their newsletter so you can receive fresh insights about vector art right in your mailbox.


Shutterstock offers several million vector images. It also has a nice search feature that helps to refine your search using different categories. The “exclude keywords” field helps you reduce the number of options and speed up your search. And if you want to know the most frequently downloaded images, you can click on the “popular” tab at the upper right hand corner. Check out this Shutterstock coupon code to save money buying stock vectors.


iStock has carefully selected some of the very best illustrations, clipart and vector graphics images from several reputable stock image galleries such as Jupiterimages, Thinkstock and Getty images. The quality of the images you find here is superb. Grab this iStock promo code here to save up to 20%. There are also very nice search filters to help you narrow down the results and get the images you need quickly.


This website provides more than 1.7 million vectors grouped into over 30 categories. For example, you can find over 70,000 vector files in the Business and Finance group. There are also categories such as “popular files”, “best selection” and “often sold”. These groups make it easier for you to find the best vector stock at the top of each list. Depositphotos also offers promotional coupons with free credits and higher discounts.


Fotolia provides a huge collection of stock vectors with a user-friendly search feature. The Advance Search facility can be used to refine and speed up your search for vector graphics. It also has a unique color band slider to help you limit your search to a specific color of clipart or vector art.


Those are some of the most important facts about vector art, their advantages and where to buy vector stock online. Take some time to review the facts in this article again and then proceed to purchase some amazing vector art for your next graphics design project.